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There’s nothing more important than finding the right person to photograph your wedding: someone who creates an experience of ease in all the events, captures the moments that tell the story of your nuptials, and makes you feel like YOU in the process.

Here’s what I commit to, to make sure I can deliver on creating that experience for you and me, every time:


For you, and for me. When we work together, it’s about creating a collaborative plan for your day, with confidence in your unique vision and in my skills and experience. It’s this confidence in eachother that gets us through the day with smiles on our faces, and memory cards full of joy-filled photos, no matter what gets thrown at us.


I’m obsessed with the art form of photography, and I’ve honed my style over time. My best work happens when my clients are aligned with the style I shoot in (lots of natural light!) and give me the time to allow the story to come together: from the shoot, to editing, to final delivery.


It’s a true point of pride and privilege that I call many of my past clients my current friends. And, it’s the connection piece rooted in trust and confidence that gives us a launch pad for the best possible outcome in our work together: photos that you love and a new weekend coffee date pal.


I live, breathe and work from the heart. I love my work and care deeply about my clients. I’ll paint a silver lining on absolutely anything, and you’ll always see me smiling – behind the camera, through the phone and through the use of exclamation marks in my emails (!!!).


This is the foundation to building quality experiences for us both: a fun and creative planning process, an exceptional day-of, a high-quality final product, and consistent, timely, well-informed and positive interactions every step of the way.