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Lightroom 101


March 31, 2019



This is an interactive & hands-on workshop for you to learn all the basic tools of Adobe Lightroom so you can leave ready to edit your images-achieving exactly what you’ve been imagining! We will be going over how to use the program overall, moving into image editing & Lightroom presets then how to perfectly curate all your images to fit your editing style. You will also be provided with all the tools & tricks I use to perfectly edit my images like removing spots on skin & short cut buttons to save you tons of time. My hopes is that you will leave with images that are enhanced and Instagram ready!

Once I have introduced you to the basics of lightroom, we will jump right into practicing and spend the second half of the workshop editing your very own images and going over how each one of you will best achieve your desired editing look.

This workshop is perfect for the business owner wanting to achieve beautiful content & product images, for the mama who loves to capture her kiddos & everyday life and the aspiring photographer who’s ready to build their editing style.

Want to learn about photography? This workshop will be partnered with the Intro to Photography workshop hosted on March 24 to provide attendees with full guidance to shoot their camera manually and create beautiful imagery to edit on March 31. Click HERE to signup for the Intro to Photography workshop and use the code “BUNDLE” to save $100 when you attend both workshops.



-Learn how to import, sort & categorize your images

-Learn all the basic & important functions of lightroom (brightening/darkening, highlights, shadows, contrast, clarity, saturation, etc.)

-Learning about Lightroom Presets & how to install them to Lightroom

*Attendees will receive 2 complimentary Lightroom presets with this workshop (light/airy, warm/moody)

-Dive into the specific tools available and how they can help enhance your images (brush tool, gradient tool, healing tool, etc.)

-Once you have achieved your edits we will cover how to export the proper size, watermarks if necessary, and the different file types

-Backing up your Lightroom catalog to assure your edits don’t go missing

-Best tools to edit images on your phone

-Roughly 10 attendees per workshop


What To Bring:

-Bring your laptop (don’t forget your charger!) with Adobe Lightroom installed (Lightroom CC is a great monthly payment option, but any version of lightroom will work great!)

-Each attendee should have a collection of 5-20 images of their own in RAW format. You will be editing your own images during our time together

-Before our workshop, take some time to develop an inspiration board of your dream editing style so you will already know what you’re hoping for your edits to look like & I can best teach you how to achieve it

-Notebook & pen (write down everything you hope to remember!)



9:30 Arrive early for a coffee, tea and to say hello

10:00 Workshop starts with classroom time. I will take some time to learn exactly what you’re hoping to achieve with your image edits and we will dive into the learning. This will be a lot of me talking & demonstrating how Lightroom works while attendees follow along

11:30 Snacks available for any one who’s hungry!

12:00 Time to practice! Everyone will set up their Lightroom, install their presets and start editing. I will be available the entire time to answer questions and help you edit.

1:30-2:00 Closing Q&A time. Half hour for us to go over any final questions

2:00 Hangout & mingle with your classmates! We have the space to hangout in until 2:30

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