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Pienaar x Grazier

Kelsie Grazier and I are so proud to launch our first print collection collaboration. Inspired to bring together the love of our two arts, film photography and painting, we set out to create a collection that brought forward the tones, textures and lines that we have discovered and admired over the past 2 years of travels. 

We are so excited to be donating 50% of our print sale proceeds through the months of Nov-Dec towards our charity of choice, Lumina ABC ; A cause close to both of our hearts.

Lumina ABC is an organization in Bali, Indonesia that supports the education & technical needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and young adults across the island.

Lumina strives to overcome Bali’s political, social and economic factors to share resources & knowledge to create schools for these children to gain access to the support needed to facilitate their learning needs.

The #pienaarXgrazier collection will be on display at The Aviary from Nov 24-30. 

We are grateful for your support with this collection and mission to raise money for Lumina!